The Hebrew Matthew is Different from the Greek Matthew

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Over the thousands of years that the books of the Bible have been in existence, they have undergone translation after translation, copy after copy. Considering the scale to which it has gone through these copies and translations, the words themselves have been exceptionally well-maintained. There are, however, challenges.

One of the most pronounced discrepancies between most of the accepted versions of the Bible and the original is the Book of Matthew. There is evidence that it was originally written in Hebrew, translated to Aramaic, and then into the Greek version that permeates the majority of English and other language translations in circulation today. There are clear differences between what many are considering the original Matthew and the accepted version of Matthew.

Nehemia Gordon, a Karaite Jew, explores these differences in great detail. His message regarding the modern day pharisees (Orthodox Rabbis) and the parallels to modern day Catholicism are striking, but the most important message is that there are certain clear differences between what we accept as the Gospel of Matthew and what might actually be the original Gospel of Matthew. This is a long video but it’s worth a watch.

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