The Most Important Lesson We Could Ever Teach

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Read the Bible

A friend who has been following this website asked why we were posting so infrequently. We do Bible study every night. We follow the news and see what’s happening in the world to believers everywhere. We have plenty to write about – there’s never a shortage of topics.

The biggest roadblock to maintaining this site beyond the basic needs of life would be the even more basic and fundamental need to read and hear the Word. To write and comment about being a Christian, one must be constantly engulfed in the words within the Bible itself. It’s a good roadblock to have but unfortunately it makes our goal of sounding the alarm and bringing more people to the Word a bit of a challenge.

There’s nothing wrong with it though. More importantly, it reveals the single message that everyone should heed: read the Bible as much as possible. Reread it. Study it. Explore the meaning. Ask questions, then find the answers. Above all else, the Bible is the only venue or resource that is guaranteed to be correct. We listen to commentary about the Bible and believers 7 nights a week, but even the best of the best are no replacement for the actual words of the Bible.

As much as we want the message that we spread on this site to be a positive and truthful one, we are very aware that nothing we post here can replace or even fall into the shadow of the Word of God. We love our readers, but remember – our commentaries and the commentaries of others should only be used to guide you back to the real truths found in one place and one place only.

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