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The Rapidly Growing Need for More Voices Fighting for the Faith Online

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There’s a war going on and we’re losing it, at least by human reckoning. The digital world is embedding itself more and more in our lives and so much of it is non-Biblical at best, anti-Biblical at worst.

Not to add to the inherent doom and gloom of the early part of this article, but there are worse challenges we’re facing. The doctrines that many are spreading in the name of Jesus are not always righteous. There are so many blogs, websites, churches, and “causes” that are claiming to be fighting for the faith but that are often fighting for the dollar or even promoting doctrines that go against a proper Biblical perspective. The lukewarm church is in many ways more dangerous than the blatant evils that fill the internet.

In looking for more sources and faithful bloggers, video makers, and other components of online ministry, I was shocked to find so many who had thrown in the towel for whatever reason. Life happens. We get that. It’s discouraging to go through a list created in 2011 of the top Christian blogs only to find that most of them had either stopped posting long ago or had shut their websites down altogether.

It made me a little angry at first, but patience and understanding filled me. Life happens. Fear creeps in. We have no right to judge someone for stopping. For all we know, they had to stop because of major personal issues. Perhaps they’re traveling the world spreading the Gospel directly and they don’t have time for their blog anymore. There are many reasons why the content might stop.

Then, of course, there are those who stopped based upon persecution. Even our tiny ministry receives emails, comments, and other forms of attacks that are cruel. The misinformation is strong out there which makes some of our perspective hard to swallow and easy to attack. If our small readership and YouTube viewership is getting attacked so hard, I can only imagine how challenging it can be for those who achieve a broader voice. It could even be scary with some of the threats that we’ve seen.

We’re in the middle of this war for the hearts and minds of the people in order to expose them to the truth. Nobody but God can truly touch souls, but it’s important to bring the other components around so they are open to the ideas of the Bible. It’s the responsibility of every believer in Yeshua as Lord and Savior to fervently promote the Word and help to make disciples in these perilous times. It’s for this reason that we’re finally opening up our pages to accept content contributions. If you have a message, we would love to help you share it on our pages and social media channels.

There needs to be more, though. We need those of you who have the time, talent, and faith to step out and spread the Word. The world is falling and while we cannot stop that from happening, we can help many to come to the Light before it’s too late.

Even if you’re not a blogger or other form of content creator, you can share through social media. We have very active Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages if you need ideas about what to share.

As individuals, we can do nothing good. If we open ourselves up to the Holy Spirit and allow ourselves to be guided, God will perform amazing works through us. Be a vessel. Become a channel. Share the Gospel. Spread the Word.

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