The Wedding Feast and Latter Rain

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Fall Fiest Field


I believe we must understand who our Messiah was in the flesh in addition to who He is in the Spirit. He came to save the Jew first, then the Gentile. He was Himself a Jew in the flesh, most of His audience were Jews, and therefore there was an understanding as to what He was referring to. Although, most were spiritually blind. Only if we understand the Bible from this perspective can we truly understand the depth of Yeshua’s parables, prophecies, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Once the Jews rejected their Messiah, He turned to the Gentiles. This event literally changed the world. The promises and blessings at that moment carried over to all those who had faith in Him, thus saving the entire human race. This was the will of our Elohim. His grace and mercy gave all the opportunity to be with Him in His kingdom by changing the heart of the heathen, and by giving the Jew freedom from their bondage under the Old Covenant. Although we were grafted into the New Covenant, it doesn’t mean we replace those who were under the old. And we should never forget why we were given the opportunity in the first place.

Yeshua came to save the world, thus all His teachings, promises, and blessings apply to all of us. We are meant to understand these things, but it’s much harder to understand them if we continue to embrace doctrines and ordinances of men. Doctrines and ordinances which are/were created with the intent to do away our heritage and roots, as well as misleading us to not be prepared for His return.

The Invitation

Yeshua gives a parable to describe the invitation to a wedding feast. He says that many are invited, but few are chosen. I love this parable because it’s very deep and prophetic. One of the points it makes are that many will have excuses as to why they cannot “attend” the feast, but the Lord intends for the seats to be filled. He was showing how His own people were the ones initially invited, or guests by inheritance, but most had excuses as to why they couldn’t come. So, He reached out to the Gentiles thus filling all the seats.

This is what He is ultimately waiting for – that His people accept His invitation and call on Him, their Bridegroom, as their Messiah.


The New Covenant = Latter Rain

We take the former and latter rain to mean two periods of time, metaphorically speaking. One of which is the time during the Old Covenant, the other being the New Covenant. The ordained Spring and Fall Feasts we celebrate yearly are in remembrance, as well as hope for things to come and in no way have to do with our redemption. But to have a better understanding of prophecy, we are given these blessings to do if we chose.

The Spring feasts are things which have happened and that which Yeshua has fulfilled. The Fall feasts are things which have not yet happened, but that which Yeshua has promised. Again, this is why we recognize God’s ordained feasts, as they give us more understanding of who our Elohim is, the opportunity to be closer to Him, and a better understanding of His prophetic teachings.


The Wedding

Technically after Yeshua was crucified we were thrown into the end times, each day after leading up to culmination of events for the purpose of achieving God’s will andFirst Fruit Harvest judgement. During this period of time, which has now been over 2,000 years, there will be tribulations and global events (birth pangs).

Eventually, there will be a gathering of the tares which are thrown in the fire. Once Jesus  returns we shall be changed and see Him as He is.  He will come with the armies of heaven to defeat Satan. Although, the exact time of these events we are not aware of. Nor will we be until it happens. But make no mistake, we will and should be aware of the season!

During the judgement on the earth, or the Wrath of God, there will be “phases” of this judgement that take place as Revelation makes clear. Although it may seem like a stream of events that become more frequent and intense, the culmination will lead to global catastrophe where many on the earth will die. We have been told by Yeshua Himself that we will face tribulation or persecution. Therefore, we must come out of the world and prepare ourselves for what’s to come.

It is clear that His believers are to keep guard, remaining awake through the night anticipating our Redeemer’s return. Watch – as scriptures says. If we have faith and understanding, then it will not overcome us as a thief in the night. Therefore, we must always be ready waiting for our Husband.

Bride WaitsThe Jewish wedding was a great example of how this will play out.

The bride would wait patiently for her husband as he would go away after the marriage covenant was sealed to prepare a place for them to live together. This could take anywhere from a few weeks to a year, how ever long he needed. Once the husband was finished getting the affairs in order and building their new home, he would come some time after sundown when most were sleeping. But, the bride being made ready every day would stay awake eagerly anticipating his arrival. He would then come to her and begin their new life.

This beautiful, romantic tradition is a shadow of our glorious Messiah’s coming. It tells us precisely what we are to do. By His grace we are given signs of His coming in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. There will be no excuse in other words, as we have been made aware. We must wait patiently, making ourselves ready for Him every single day, putting on the Word as our garment. Again, by His grace and mercy He gives believers the sense of urgency when the time is at hand. He will allow His faithful to see through the lies and deception that this world is full of.

There are things that we’ve been taught our whole lives which are lies. If we do not hold to His word as our only source, then we will be caught asleep and unprepared to receive our Husband. He gives us this knowledge so we can alert others and make known what He has said, versus what man has taught for generations.

The point is that we should always make ourselves fit and ready to receive Him. We have been warned. He is near, it is close at hand. Prepare your garments!

The Bride and Groom

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