Tree Grown From Seed Found in Herod’s Palace

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Judean Date Palm Methuselah

A 2,000 year old tree comes to life in Israel. It is appropriately named “Methuselah”. Planted in 2005, it has since grown significantly and will be ready to crossbreed with a female of the Egyptian palm, the Hiyani, known to be its nearest kin.

The significance may be overstated. Then again, it may be just right. Either way, it’s a nice change of pace to recent headlines of endless bad news and grief. As to what we think this means, we don’t know. But, it is interesting that it is expected to yield fruit in 2022! I don’t know what that means from a prophetic standpoint, but it sure is something to be hopeful of, God willing we are still here.

It was said that the older Date Palms that grew around the Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee towered nearly 80 feet high and 7 miles long. This would give shade and comfort in the deserts, as well as food to those who would seek its blessings. It was surely a sight to behold in Yahweh’s chosen land, a gift to His children and to all mankind.

Methusaleh Date Palm

The Date Palm was so beautiful that King David named his daughter after it – Tamar. Roman leaders noted how succulent and sweet the fruit was. The plant was also known for its healing properties throughout the Middle East and Rome. It was once an export that helped Judea thrive. However, exporting of its fruit came to a sudden halt in 70 AD. In and around the 6th century, it was finally wiped out completely. Desolation of both plant and people swept across the land. The history of this tree is very interesting as it is indicative of the times in both prosperity and demise.

The seeds would lie dormant in their clay sanctuary for over two millennia, to one day give hope to thousands – if not millions – of Israelis. It’s a positive look into an unknown future that will hopefully be fruitful and prosperous.

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