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Trey Smith’s Exploration of Nephilim is Worth a Watch

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It’s important to always be careful with data, commentary, and information that you find anywhere, particularly on the internet. There is a ton of misinformation or even disinformation flooding us in regards to the Bible, science, history, the end of days, and anything of importance to our past and future. For every good piece of data, there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of bad pieces of data.

With that said, I have found the work of Trey Smith from God in a Nutshell both entertaining and informative. As always, I do not believe it’s necessary to try to “prove” our Lord, creation, or anything like that because we are told that knowledge of our God is part of us all. You don’t need proof. You need faith.

Smith’s work is still interesting. While I do not recommend it as a way to try to come to be a believer, for those who are solid in their faith, it makes for an intriguing exploration, albeit possibly distracting.

You should never try to prove the existence of God. You should help people find Him, but not through proof. Let the Word work. Allow the Holy Spirit to fill them. That’s the real goal. Proof is unnecessary and potentially blasphemous.

Here is the video that caught my attention. Set aside two hours before starting it – you won’t want to stop it once you get started. Smith has a style that is reminiscent of Jack Nicholson doing eschatology. I enjoyed it quite a bit.


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  2. Funny you should say Trey sounds like Jack Nicholson on Eschatology. I said he LOOKS AND SOUNDS like Heath Ledger’s Joker on eschatology. Too Funny but I like Trey’s videos.

  3. I think Trey smith is doing a great job! I never knew a lot of this stuff, he was born to do what he does , I’ve really enjoyed it. Thanks. Mr smith

  4. Nephilim are the fallen angels that followed Satan (Lucifer) from heaven. They were all suppose to be drowned in the Great Flood but many escaped it and then came back. They continued to infiltrate the human blood line to make a line of their own to rule over the Earth and to look more like humans in order to pass – and they have been ! ALL top world leaders are related by these Nephilim, and we have called them the Illuminati. Some even today are born with Nephilim features, being extra tall or born with a 6th finger, etc. The Nephilim of old were like 15 feet tall. Boy David slew the “Giants” that warred with the people trying to take over ruling Earth back then.
    Almost all leaders today are of the Nephilim bloodline.

    1. You are EXACTLY right!!! The leaders are cunning and few people want to see and/or admit to their pure vile evil

  5. I would really lke to thank YOU all guys for having found out these skulls, bones, graveyards, etc … – that work MUST proof us that these biblical facts really DID HAPPEN in the past and also they are some kind, in a way, the way Jehovah has been trying to give us some advice for our future by HIS Kingdom to come !! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

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  7. I find Trey Smiths work very interesting but I do have a problem with the over of his book Thieves as it looks like one eye symbolism to me???

  8. The French cannot be related to Nephalim as they are all too short, Napolean Boneapart and Nicolas Sarcozy for example are a little of five feet tall. 😉

  9. Hello you continue to inform me with all the videos of yours I watch. I continue to learn even after I go back and watch em over n over n over again. Your unique abilities in making those who do have the honor to take the time to sincerely open their minds and absorb all that important information that God blessed you to share with those that have eyes n ears to become wise in the words of God. God hasn’t been more real to me.thanks to you my relationship with our Creator has improved a many many….many fold!!! His reality now to me has me completely in tears and love and fear. I cannot get enough of the feeling of the reality of God and His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ. May I suggest that you produce a video about the coming of the Rapture ? With all that is involved it can’t help but be a major hit with all that are patiently waiting for Our Beloved Jesus to return. Would you please consider doing that? I’m certain that would be a huge blessing. Thank you trey.
    God Bless you buddy.

  10. There are nephalim today and most pastors don’t teach on this in these last days. Jesus said these days would be as the days of Noah. They don’t teach us to repent for sins either.

  11. Most impressed with my first Trey Smith movie so I searched his biography. Shamefully Illuminati Trey Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith all fills the spaces. If Trey Smith had the Fullness of the Gospel the whole world wold convert to the Restoration in a heartbeat.

  12. Awesome work. Brilliantly brought across. Thank you very much !

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