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Witnesses, Educators, and Defenders: The Modern Warriors for the Faith

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The fight over our faith as believers in Jesus Christ is heating up everywhere in the world. In America, the battle is more subtle but is still extremely important.

We aren’t faced with death over our faith. Ours is often a fight over religious freedoms, political falsehoods, and a growing trend towards secularism. It is important that we do what we can as believers to prepare for the coming end times so that fewer are caught off guard without the Armor of God to protect them.

Note: This is an opinion piece. We try to maintain scriptural sanctity in everything we post, but sometimes an issue arises that pulls inspiration from a non-Biblical perspective. There are verses that could be used to promote the ideas in this article, but because they are debatable regarding how it all applies today, we’re going to post it as own opinion.

Today, believers are in America, Europe, and other western societies have the blessings of more freedoms through which we can practice our faith, but that doesn’t mean that these freedoms will be here forever. Every day, portions of what it means to truly be a Christian nation are falling to the enemy. It is important that we hold our ground as long as we can. The days when it’s no longer acceptable to be a Christian may be coming sooner than we think.

We are empowered to use our gifts and resources to play a role in the world. For some, it can be multiple roles. For others, one role is plenty. For some, the potential to reach the masses is great. For others, the ability to touch one soul is a worthy endeavor. This isn’t a game. The Holy Spirit uses different people in different ways and there really isn’t a scorecard attached.  Nobody knows for sure how the judgment will happen. All we know is that we are to strive to act with Jesus in our heart and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

If you are struggling to find how you can play the role that you were made to play, prayer and fasting is the answer. Here are some thoughts that came to me recently that may also be able to help you find your way.


For most, it is important to witness our faith to those we can touch. When we have opportunities to express the Gospel to those who need to find it, we must take those opportunities. More importantly, we are charged to live our lives in ways that can act as examples for others. It could be our children. It could be our co-workers. It could even be our church. In this latter case, there isn’t necessarily an opportunity that can arise. The opportunity is life itself.


One does not need to go to seminary in order to learn about the Word of God. The Bible itself is the ultimate guide to understanding the Bible and those who are diligent in their studies will find answers every day.

Today, we also have other resources at our disposal that can help us to learn enough to educate on particular topics. The internet is the obvious choice, but be very careful. There is more incorrect doctrine floating around on the internet than correct ones. If it doesn’t seem to jive with the Bible, it probably isn’t correct.

Just as with witnessing, educating can be personal, one-on-one communication, but it can also be broader. Some make videos. Some write to blogs. Others comment on forums. There are ways to communicate the message to those who need to hear it.


For the bold, there is the role of defender. These come in many forms. Their goal is to help others to worship properly by enabling them through various means. Some can fight the battles on the political and legal fronts, sustaining our abilities to be Christians the way we’re supposed to be. Others take on causes that allow them to travel and spread the Gospel to those who need to hear it. There are even those who put their lives at risk by traveling around the world to help persecuted Christians receive Bibles, hear the Gospel, and build churches.

There are other roles beyond these three, but they were the ones that came to mind when I wanted to write an article. Regardless of which role you feel is best, consult the ultimate authority through prayer. If you open your heart to the possibilities and obey your Lord, the right roles will present themselves before you.

(This article is part of the Compassion and Fear Series)


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